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Aaron and Sam are incredibly excited to announce they are working on a brand new project with Channel 4 and Wall to Wall, read all about it below.


Later this year Aaron will present a brand new TV show with an extraordinary concept where he showcases his hypnotic talents.

In this unique programme Aaron will take a couple in a relationship and erase their memories of each other before sending them on a ‘first date’ as complete strangers.

The programme will be aired on E4 later this year in an exciting debut. Follow Aaron on social media to get an inside scope on the upcoming show…

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Dating show with a twist commissioned for E4

First Impressions, a new dating show for E4, will give one couple the opportunity to meet each other again for the very first time.  In this programme made by Wall to Wall, a couple at a crossroads in their relationship will see whether, when they meet as singles, they fall in love once more?

In this extraordinary dating show, the pair will be hypnotised by hypnotist Aaron Calvert who will make them temporarily forget each other. By erasing their memories they will become completely unattached strangers once more. 

With no memories of their relationship, they will each go on dates with two other people who match what they are looking for in an ideal partner. Then they will go on a first date with each other.

The big question is will sparks fly once again when they meet again as strangers or will they find more chemistry with one of their new matches?

First Impressions (wt) was commissioned by Channel 4 Factual Entertainment commissioning editor Lucy Leveugle and will be produced by Wall to Wall. The programme will be executive produced by Melissa Brown.

Lucy Leveugle said: “This is an exciting but twisted dating show – where extraordinarily, like in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind certain ‘files’ can be temporarily erased from someone’s mind. It’s full of the hope that the couples recapture the butterflies and excitement of falling in love.”

Melissa Brown added: “Hypnotic amnesia offers a unique and entertaining way of looking at relationships and finding out if the chemistry that made us fall in love with each other still exists when we meet again as strangers.”


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For further information:

Read the official Channel 4 announcement – Channel 4 Press Release

Programme by Wall to Wall productions – Part of Warner bros Television 

Aaron Calvert represented by Triple A Media

Sam Fitton & Aaron Calvert part of Lost Luggage Productions

Wall to wall productions
Aaron Calvert talking to camera about new dating show


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