“Moments that will make you gasp
you won’t stop thinking about.”

Broadway Baby


“A powerful performance I will
remember for a life-time.”

Andy Murphy, Award Winning DJ


“An extraordinary & exciting new show
with a hypnotic twist.”

Head of Commissioning, Channel 4




“A quirky & refreshing alternative that will leave you baffled.”


Daily Mail

Whether you’re organising your next corporate event or intricately planning your big day, give your guests sensational entertainment they’ll talk about for years to come.

With a Channel 4 special coming later in 2018, multiple sell-out theatre runs & a tranche of 5 star reviews from tabloids, clients and the general public, Aaron will leave your guests quite literally speechless. 

“For the first time in my life I’m speechless. I’m still sat here wondering how the hell Aaron does it!”

Jessica Butterworth, Audience Review

Call him a magician, mind reader or hypnotist, Aaron uses a combination of psychology and hypnosis to predict, control and influence the decisions of his audiences. Aaron’s upbeat and fast-paced performances make him uniquely entertaining whether it’s on stage or up close

Mind reading in a close-up environment, such as a drinks reception at a corporate event, wedding or party, gives guests an intimate performance. Aaron mixes seamlessly with your guests to pluck thoughts from their minds; just listen for the gasps in the room.

“Just stunning. I’m going to put your arm up your back and make you tell me how you did that!”

Andy Potter, BBC Radio

Filling a stage as part of an evening of entertainment, an outdoor festival or as a headline act, Aaron brings his critically acclaimed showmanship, jaw-dropping skills and a quick-witted sense of humour to create a fresh, interactive and of course, hypnotic form of entertainment.

Originally trained as a doctor, Aaron breaks the mould of the traditional stage magician and ‘cluck like a chicken’ hypnosis shows, by taking audiences on a thrilling journey to showcase the capacities of the human mind and bring them an experience they’ll never forget.

“A truly interactive show with inexplicable feats that left all our jaws on the floor.”

Capital One, Corporate Party

Aaron’s natural charisma and showmanship will leave your guests truly mesmerised, thoroughly entertained and importantly thanking you for such an incredible time, making any organiser look fantastic.

“My friends & I can’t stop talking about Aaron. Everyone needs to see him!


Joanne Lewis, Audience Review

“Turns out my mind is putty in this man’s hands!”


Danielle Robinson, Audience Review



When your guests are up & walking around, Aaron will get them together, make them laugh & get them talking… Well, after they’ve picked their jaws up off the floor! Aaron’s close-up entertainment has that personal touch bringing mind reading right to your guests.

“Exceptional entertainment we couldn’t stop talking about. Aaron left us all stunned!”

SJP, Manchester Corporate Event
Manchester magician aaron calvert giggling with girl at manchester wedding making a group laugh


Aaron’s 5 star, critically acclaimed stage show is perfect for stand alone events, part of a guest star line-up or as after dinner entertainment. Have your guests stuck to their seats, quite literally, as Aaron showcases his mischievous powers and showmanship

“Aaron blew the audeince away with his amazing show. Can’t ask for more than that!”

Mark Paton, West Herts Golf Event
audience being hypnotised by Manchester magician Aaron Calvert

“I would remortgage my house just to spend an hour with Aaron & learn some of his secrets!”

Alumni Event, The University of Nottingham

From Stethoscope to Stage; About Aaron

Having originally trained in medicine at The University of Nottingham, Mancunian Aaron Calvert soon traded his white coat, for a sharp suit and took to the stage. This cheeky northerner has found ever growing success combining his exceptional skills as a hypnotist, magician and mind reader to bring audiences performances they’ll never forget.

Aaron’s passion and focus make a distinct departure from traditional “cluck-like-a-chicken” comedy hypnotism, moving away from the slightly disreputable shows of old, a tranche of great reviews coupled with his natural charisma and showmanship have led to a TV show with Channel 4 (airing later in 2018), an exclusive contract with Warner Bros TV to produce more shows and an exciting year ahead of live stage shows

With sell-out shows two years in a row at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 & 2017 with Aaron Calvert: MIND GAMES & Aaron Calvert: AWAKEN, Aaron is returning to Edinburgh in 2018 with his new show Aaron Calvert: Declassfied.

These shows represent more than 10 years of experience performing & Aaron still treasures his first ever stage review he recieved whilst performing a theatre show whilst at medical school. (Yes he was crazy enough to perform professionally whilst working towards his degree.)  It was with the feedback of audeinces and guduidance from friend, magician & now co-writer Sam Fitton that Aaron took the leap of faith leaving his full-time career as a doctor for the life in entertainment.

“Aaron offers a night of intrigue, exceptional showmanship and many moments of unexpected humour


IMPACT Magazine, Aaron’s First Review




“Simply amazing! Aaron made the evening extremely entertaining, the best magician we’ve ever seen!”

Samsung, London Corporate Event


Aaron’s psychological magic is like nothing you or your guests will ever have experienced before. Close-up is a very personal performance where guests experience the entertainment up close and become part of the miracle. Aaron will have them laughing, bewildered and picking their jaws back up off the floor.

“Guests were blown away by Aaron’s performances. His ability to people’s read minds is breath-taking.”

Martin O’Donnell KDC, North West Awards Dinner

Also called mix & mingle or walk around entertainment, this type of magical performance is perfect for anywhere guests are up & walking around or sat for a formal event. Aaron’s natural charm & charisma allows him to weave seamlessly into any event mesmerising guests.

The cheeky northerner is the perfect ice breaker for old friends, colleagues or strangers, using his mind reading & hypnotic demonstrations to get guests talking, interacting and most importantly having a cracking good time right from the off.

“Our guests couldn’t stop talking about how brilliant you were! Aaron made our day very special.”

Mr & Mrs Pringle

Performing close-up mind reading gets large groups interacting, creating an excited buzz in any room. Taking a light approach to entertainment Aaron is fun & engaging, avoiding being a ‘serious mind reader,’ Aaron promises to have your guests laughing and enjoying theirselves. Don’t worry, their dark secrets are safe…

Close-up is the ultimate answer to “he must use stooges”… They’re all the volunteers. Let’s make a statement & have your guests talking about your event, they won’t be able to compliment you enough about your choice of entertainment.

Aaron is captivating & an expert at his craft. No idea how he does it, but everyone was gasping at his brilliance! Throughly recommended.”


Joyce Peters, Gala Event

Manchester corporate event guests laughinh and filming manchester magician aaron calvert
“Aaron had everyone transfixed. Already thinking about which event we can book him for next.”
Bibliotheca, Corporate Event

Gone have the days of dull corporate events. When making a great impression is a must, Aaron mesmerises & enchants guests with his jaw-dropping & unique fusion of mind reading & hypnosis. Let’s make a  statement & make your event the talk of the office.


Manchester corporate entertainment group hypnosis session with Manchester magician Aaron Calvert
“A very talented young man & I would recommend him to anyone who wants their event to have that ‘magical’ touch.”
AstraZeneca, Employee Dinner

If you want your event to pack a punch & stand out, Aaron brings pretige, proffessionalism & show-stopping entertainment that will have guests talking, laughing and having a cracking good time. Your guests will be talking non-stop about your event.

Manchester magician with bride, groom and friends having fun with Aaron Calvert manchester Wedding magician
“Aaron left us all speechless with his entertainment. Mine and Amy’s private show before our meal was amazing!!”
Mr & Mrs Nicholson

Aaron’s unique entertainment is the perfect choice for your big day, as he creates special moments and unforgetable memories for you and your guests. He knows you’ll have thought about every little detail so lets plan something special together!


"Brilliant, hilarious & very clever."

Key 103 Radio, Gala Dinner

“Jaw-dropping entertainment from a modern day wizard”


Derby Telegraph


If you’re looking for an experienced performer to leave your guests truly astonished & talking about your event, the hundreds of events Aaron has performed at over the last 10 years have helped him craft his jaw-dropping skills, quick witted humour and critically acclaimed showmanship to deliver a fascinating performance.

Aaron is funny, charismatic & very clever, we were blown away! This man was born to perform, I can’t wait to see him again!


Amy Thomas, Audience Review

Aaron’s critically acclaimed 5 star show, MIND GAMES, was a sell-out success on it’s debut theatre run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Astounding the public & reviewers alike, Aaron quickly gained a reputation as a mould-breaking performer. The following year Aaron returned to Edinburgh for a second sell-out run. He now proudly offers his show for private bookings.

A talented showman that will leave you baffeled.


Daily Mail

Creating a fast-paced, interactive and of course, hypnotic form of entertainment Aaron breaks the mould of the traditional stage magician taking audiences on a thrilling journey to showcase the capacities of the human mind, bringing them an experience they’ll never forget.

Wrapped up in a fascinating performance and engaging games, Aaron coaxes audience members out of their comfort zone through a series of interactive demonstrations involving the whole audience. From knowing exactly what someone else is thinking, to revealing mind-bending predictions, Aaron teaches one volunteer to read the mind of a fellow audeince member.

Aaron showcases the extraordinary feats humans are capable of.”

Fest Magazine

Aaron fills the smallest of performance areas to the largest of theatre stages with the same effortless showmanship. Whether you’re looking for a 10 minute guest act or an hour long headline act, Aaron presents 5 star entertainment. Whatever your event; corporate event, after dinner entertainment, awards presentation, private party or University event, Aaron will have guests, quite literally, stuck to their seats.

An insightful & mesmerising show! Aaron is charismatic & has the audience hooked from the start. Highly recommended for alternative event entertainment. Still trying to figure it all out now!

Manchester Airport, Corporate Event

A tour de force in psychological entertainment, Aaron’s edge of your seat experience showcases his mastery in mind control, hypnosis & psychology, your guests won’t be able to stop talking about him.

The master of psychology in a jaw-dropping spectacle.”


The Upcoming, Stage Review

manchester magician makes lady gasp at astounding stage entertainment

“Aaron’s show is absolutley amazing. He is great with the crowd & being hypnotised was a truly unique experience.


Nim Haver, Audience Review

Manchester magician Aaron Calvert and volunteer sharing a laugh on stage
The best magic show the list award for manchester magician Aaron Calvert
The scotsman top magic show award for Manchester magician Aaron Calvert
Three to see threeweeks award for Manchester Magician Aaron Calvert

“Captivating psychological mischief”


Nottingham Post


Corporate event stage set for Aaron Calvert at manchester corporate event
“Aaron stunned the audeince with an incredible performance and made the evening a huge success we’ll never forget.”
MEN Business Awards, Manchester

If you’re looking for a unique corporate entertainer to engage with your guests, VIPs and execs, Aaron delivers fast-paced, jaw-dropping entertainment that can be tailored specifically for you, your guests and company ethos on request.


outdoor festival stage entertainment with audeince watching Manchester magiciain Aaron Calvert
“Aaron conquered our stage with a finesse and showmanship that left the crowds cheering for more.”
North Leeds Food Festival

From outdoor festivals to private parties or award dinners, Aaron delivers incredible entertainment for you and your guests. If you have a space or a stage lets fill it with something unique & make your event unforgettable by getting in touch.


Manchester magician Aaron Calvert in a theatre performing stage entertainment
“Cheeky, fast-paced, edge of your seat entertainment that will keep you guessing right to the last minute.”
The Messenger

Have a theatre venue or programming your next season? Get in touch, Aaron’s show is perfect for the big stage. Modified specifically for theatres, it runs in two halves with an interval. Written for the big stage it has sold out every venue it’s played to date.

“Calvert has the audience entranced from the opening seconds of his gasp-worthy show.


Broadway Baby


Don’t take our word for how good Aaron is, read the audience reviews…

“Absolutely incredible. Your shows just get better & better! Thanks for an unforgettable experience!!”
Mim Patel @MimP1

Ended up on the stage at Aaron’s show. Legitimately lost the ability to read or walk. Mind is blown.
Laura Jane @FunkyFlamingo_

Great, fun show & a brilliant entertainer that had us hooked on every word with some clever mind games that I cannot work out! I would recommend to all. Can’t wait to see more shows from this man.
Katy Hallows

Aaron’s show is highly entertaining and executed brilliantly. A great guy with a great sense of humour, would highly recommend others to go see his show and I myself will definitely be going to see him again!!”
Jordache Leigh-Hamilton

“”An insightful and mesmerising show! Aaron is charismatic and has the audience hooked from the go. Still trying to figure it all out now!!”
Harriet Russell

“Top class entertainment, fun, innovative & an exciting show featuring hypnosis and mind reading. Aaron is a great showman. Absolutely incredible.”
Angela Milburn

audience members hugging Manchester magician aaron calvert after watching on stage entertainment
audience members smiling at the stage door after watching Manchester magician Aaron Calvert on stage


Keynote Speaker

“Outstanding motivational speaker. Educational, engaging and interesting. The best of the day by far!”

Stuart Matthews, LCCC Corporate Event Training


Magician or mind reader, what’s the difference?

As a mind reader and hypnotist many people call Aaron a magician, but that’s not technically correct. When I say magician to you, what’s the first image that pops into your head? Maybe it’s an old uncle attempting an awful card trick or a man on stage with a top hat pulling out a rabbit. Those images in your head are so far from the truth of what it is that Aaron does.

Magician of the mind describes Aaron’s type of entertainment and performance much better, as the ‘magic’ he perform happens in the minds of you and your guests. Much like a magician, occasionally Aaron uses a deck of cards, but rather than have you pick a card he has you think of one and reaches into your mind to reveal the card you are thinking of.

Think about that for a moment, Aaron can tell you what you are merely thinking of…

Now, rather than playing cards imagine you think of any word or maybe even a secret, suddenly rather than revealing a card Aaron steps into your mind and reveals that specific thought. This is a completely unique and wonderfully personal type of entertainment. True magic that happens in the minds of you & yourr guests. Trust me, that magical feeling is something you will never forget.

On paper, well the digital screen you’re currently reading this on, that all sounds incredible but also rather serious. You don’t want something somber and serious at your event, you want something upbeat and fun right? That’s why Aaron first and foremost entertains your guests, makes them laugh, whilst knocking their socks off. We want everyone to leave your event having had the best and most memorable time possible. Aaron shows everyone the impossible first hand, leaving everyone talking about your event for years to come.

Like a magician Aaron performs close-up, in intimate groups or on large stages to thousands of people; essentially anywhere you could have a magician perform. Rather than performing sleight of hand and pushing things up his sleeves, Aaron messes with the minds of guests and uses a variety of techniques ranging from deduction, to body language, to psychology to reveal thoughts and influence decisions. Some would say it’s a sleight of mind.

If you’re thinking about having entertainment at your event, stop thinking about it and start booking, trust us you won’t regret it and your guests will thank you for it!

Manchester magician Aaron Calvert talking with hypnotic subject at Manchester corporate event
manchester magician's audience reacts


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1 day ago

Aaron Calvert

What a night!!!! Sell-out preview of #Declassified in #Manchester with incredible reviews. Thank you to everyone who came, I can‘t wait for #edfringe !!!

Catch Declassified at the Gilded Balloon all of August at 6pm daily! See you at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe #edinburgh #gb2018

Tickets - gildedballoon.co.uk/programme/performances.php?eventId=14:2019

Thanks to everyone leaving a review in the video - David Francis Castle, Emily Victoria Hodges, Rebecca, Stuart & Francesca.

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