“Aaron Calvert is a refreshing and quirky

alternative which will leave you baffled.”


Daily Mail

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“Brilliant, hilarious and very clever.”

Key 103

MIND GAMES is Aaron’s critically acclaimed 5 star show. Recently debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it was a sell-out success over its 22 day run and he is now proud to offer this 1 hour stand up show for private bookings.

Aaron’s stand-up stage entertainment is perfect for corporate events, stand alone events, after dinner entertainment, mixed bill entertainment and University events. The show is incredibly versatile filling the smallest stages to a full theatre style production, from the moment Aaron steps on stage everyone of your guests will be engaged, everyone will be involved in the show and we promise they won’t want to blink incase they miss any of it. MIND GAMES can be performed to small intimate crowds of 50 people all the way up to a room of 1500 people or more.

Aaron’s unique stage presence and approach to hypnosis are what makes him so popular with audiences and one of a few reasons he’s becoming highly sort after by TV & theatre industry chiefs. Currently working on a number of TV projects with Wall to Wall Productions (Warner Brothers UK), Aaron is set to hit our screens with a very unique show in 2018 along with a UK theatre tour. Don’t take our word for it, Aaron’s audience reviews of his stage entertainment say it all… [more audience reviews]

“Top class entertainment, fun, innovative and exciting show featuring hypnosis and mentalism. Aaron is a great showman.”

Angela Milburn

His number 1 rule is never to embarrass anyone, especially with hypnosis, instead he loves to push the boundaries of what is truly possible, demonstrating hypnosis in a unique way. As a qualified Doctor Aaron left medicine to delivery this face-paced entertainment, but still uses his experience as a Doctor to add a never before seen edge to his shows.

Aaron’s shows are full of moments of humour, after all you want your event to be as memorable as it is fun, Aaron certainly has those bases covered. Aaron’s previous clients include: Samsung, AstraZeneca, Iris Worldwide, Key103, the NFDC and North Leeds Food Festival.

“Aaron had everyone transfixed. We’re already thinking about which event we can book him for next.”

Bibliotecha, Manchester Corporate Event

A tour de force in psychological entertainment, Aaron’s provides an edge of your seat experience that showcases his mastery in mind control, hypnosis & psychology that your guests won’t be able to stop talking about. Get in touch and book Aaron for your next event.

Aaron performing hypnosis on stage entertainment

“Aaron is absolutely amazing.”




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Guest stage entertainment selfie

8 – 20 minutes

Guest Spots

These sets are Aaron’s best bits designed to open or close an evening as part of a mixed bill of entertainment or as a stand alone event. Whatever the time limit Aaron will involve the whole audience and leave them gobsmacked.

audeince member smiling at on stage entertainment aaron calvert

30 minutes

Mind Reading Show

Starting with something that will draw the entire audience in Aaron then moves to involve the whole audience in a fun game with a twist before finishing with an impossible prediction.  It’s upbeat, exciting and engaging.

Mind Games stage entertainment show audience hypnotised during the show

45 minutes

Mind Reading & Hypnosis Show

The 45 minute set includes everything from the 30 minute set plus hypnosis demonstrations. Aaron will hypnotise a volunteer to to read the mind of an audience member… Yeah, you read that right! The full hour show builds on the hypnosis element.

“Captivating psychological mischief.”


Nottingham Post


out door festival stage entertainment with audeince


Unusual Stages

It doesn’t take much for Aaron to be hold or gather a crowd. His hugely visual displays of hypnosis and incredible showmanship draw people to watch. Wether it’s an outdoor stage or in the street, people will want to stop and watch.

Aaron leaning on brick wall advertising stage entertainment


Entertainment Tailored To You

Want fast-paced entertainment tailored specifically for you, your guests or your company ethos? Aaron can make a mind reading or hypnosis act especially for your event. Get in touch to find out how Aaron can make your event unforgettable.

Aaron in a theatre performing stage entertainment


The Full Theatre Show

Have a theatre venue or programming your next season? Get in touch, Aaron’s show AWAKEN is perfect for a big theatre set up. Running for 2 hours (including an interval) it’s written for the big stage and has sold out every venue it’s played to date.

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In this unique programme Aaron will take a couple in a relationship and erase their memories of each other before sending them on a ‘first date’ as complete strangers.

aaron calvert e4 big group interview at a boating lake about stage entertainment
London eye pod filming with camera looking at stage entertainment
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Don’t take our word for how good Aaron’s stage entertainment is, read the audience reviews for yourself…

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audience members hugging aaron after watching on stage entertainment
audience members smiling at the stage entertainment
manchester magician's audience reacts ton on stage entertainment

“Jaw-dropping entertainment from a modern day wizard”


Derby Telegraph


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The set up for Aaron’s shows are designed to be easy. We know there’s so much that goes into planning an event so the last thing we want to do is be a diva. We keep things simple, below are the technical requirements for Aaron’s shows. For bespoke / outdoor events / theatre shows these requirements may change but we’ll let you know what Aaron needs.

This is the bare minimum, if you want your event to pack that extra punch we can transform the stand up performance to a full theatre style production, just ask.


Aaron requires a dedicated performance space, large enough to accommodate 5 volunteers plus Aaron stood on stage at the same time (around 5m x 3m) and should ideally be a raised platform for the best views for the audience – Aaron is very accommodating so let’s discuss stage space if we need to. Below are a few pictures of stages and set ups…


Aaron requires a PA system with one cheek mic, one wireless handheld mic and mic stand and an aux port for music. Not already got that at your event? Chat to us and we can supply it all ourselves.


We like to keep things easy so a white warm wash / well lit performance area is great. Additional lighting features and requirements can be added if you’d like to give your event a more professional feel.


Aaron Calvert: MIND GAMES runs for 1 hour, but Aaron also offers a 20 minute, 30 minute and 45 minute version because we know everyone’s events needs vary. The show contains both mind reading and hypnosis. Hypnosis is not suitable for everyone and Aaron will highlight those people who should not take part at the outset of the hypnosis. They’re free to sit back, relax and enjoy the demonstrations on stage.

Got any questions about anything? Just ask…

Stage entertainment stage set up for 20 minute set
stage entertainment set up mind games
plain stage set up mind games for stage entertainment


Let’s make your event something people will talk about

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Simply amazing! Aaron made the evening extremely entertaining, the best mind reader we’ve ever seen!


Aaron had everyone transfixed. Already thinking about which event we can book him for next