“Absolutely incredible. Your shows just get better & better! Thanks for an unforgettable experience!!”
Mim Patel @MimP1

Ended up on the stage at Aaron’s show. Legitimately lost the ability to read or walk. Mind is blown.
Laura Jane @FunkyFlamingo_

Great, fun show & a brilliant entertainer that had us hooked on every word with some clever mind games that I cannot work out! I would recommend to all. Can’t wait to see more shows from this man.
Katy Hallows

Aaron’s show is highly entertaining and executed brilliantly. A great guy with a great sense of humour, would highly recommend others to go see his show and I myself will definitely be going to see him again!!”
Jordache Leigh-Hamilton

“”An insightful and mesmerising show! Aaron is charismatic and has the audience hooked from the go. Still trying to figure it all out now!!”
Harriet Russell

“Top class entertainment, fun, innovative & an exciting show featuring hypnosis and mind reading. Aaron is a great showman. Absolutely incredible.”
Angela Milburn

audience members hugging Manchester magician aaron calvert after watching on stage entertainment
audience members smiling at the stage door after watching Manchester magician Aaron Calvert on stage


Go see this show you will be thinking how the hell did that just happen... brilliant...brilliant show!!! The ticket price should be doubled! This show is not to be missed.
Joe Ridgely
Brilliant, brilliant show! He held the audience in the palm of his hand, and the reactions of the people who he got on stage and hypnotised were amazing - especially as I was originally skeptical about hypnotism.
Simon Rigby
Took me friends to see Aaron's show and we absolutely loved it! We were blown away! Can't wait to see the show again soon!
Third year in a row seeing this amazing guy! If you are at @edfringe this year make sure you go see Aaron Calvert's show Declassified, you will not regret it!
Ricky Locke
Went to Aaron's show last year and was hypnotised. I didn't realise I was susceptible to hypnotism but sure enough I ended up on stage! We went again this year and I loved it all over again! I have recommended this show to literally everyone!
Claire Fowler
I was blown away by Aaron's show. I've always been skeptical of hypnosis and always said I would only believe it if it happened to me... and you got me!!! Still can't get my head around it. Honestly, an incredible show 10/10!
Thank you so much for a great show! It was brilliant!
Honestly can't recommend this guy's show enough and I can't wait to go back! It was unbelievable! I went from being no way can I be hypnotised to... Well s**t I can! Make sure you catch this show!!
Nicole Thompson
Aaron Calvert what a genius! My head hurts. Work your magic on me please
Skeptic converted by Aaron Calvert. Had me on the stage completely loosing the ability to read. Unbelievable show!
Finlay Clark
I have attended Aaron's shows for the past 2 years at the Edinburgh Fringe and been hypnotised both times. His shows are memorable and certainly some of the best on the fringe. If you attend you will have a great experience!
Mairi Fenelon
Cracking show, intelligent structure and a worthy future successor to Derren Brown! Channel 4 give this guy a show!
Callan Durrant
Everyone should go see this man! Saw him twice this week and each time he’s left me amazed!
Sarah Spence
Saw Aaron Calvert Declassified and was blown away! Well worth watching!!
Suzi Waller
Saw Aaron Calvert Declassified tonight. Great show, make it a festival yes!!
Nicola Jamieson
What an achievement of a show! Such a fab show, I so hope you're back next year, I can't wait for you to come back! #edfringe
Yvonne Gibbons
Simply amazing. You have to see it to believe it!
Megan Jones
We've seen Declassified twice, Alison and I were left even more baffled and in awe than the first time!!!
Han T
When you choose a show shamelessly because the guy is handsome (!) then it turns out he is the actual greatest showman!!! 5 Stars ★★★★★ (I'd give it 6 if I could) Seriously in awe... Book tickets because I guarantee he will sell out!
Hannah Tiffin
Thank you for the most incredible show and for showing me that your fear should never stop you from doing something! THANK YOU so much, you're amazing! Would highly highly recommend.
Natalie Mounsey
I would highly recommend Aaron Calvert's show Declassified. Amazing show, not to be missed!
Rachel Hall
I will say it again... Aaron Calvert is incredible! Love every minute of it. Can't wait to see the show again soon!!
Ash M
Grand to see Aaron Calvert with another amazing show, Declassified. Enjoyed the show from the audience this year after being on stage last year. Great show! #hypnosis
Alice E @bakinbikr
Megan @probably_megan
Amazing show!!!! Really spectacular and would 100% recommend it!
Caitlin Fox
Aaron Calvert Declassified is fantastic. Do yourself a favour and go check it out!
Fiona James
Another outstanding show at this year's #edfringe. Really impressive performance, you need to go see this!
Mike Cass
Just seen another amazing show by Aaron Calvert, third year in a row! Smashing it at Edfringe! Make sure you check out his show, super slick and super fantastic!!
Patrick Monaghan
Aaron Calvert Declassified is superb! Anyone in Edinburgh, get into the Gilded Balloon to see this wonderful man. Went as a skeptic and was hypnotised! Amazing!!
Ciara Smyth
Just home from seeing Aaron Calvert tonight. Fantastic show. He is quite the showman and pretty on the eye too. Highly recommended!
Claire Jack
This show is absolutely 100% mind blowing. Aaron Calvert is a pure joy and talent. Make sure you catch his show!!!
David Castle
Aaron Calvert: Declassified should be Aaron Calvert: Incredible!!! ★★★★★ well done Aaron Calvert for yet another outstanding show once again, truly incredible! Great to see such an awesome show...
Just been to see Aaron Calvert at Edfringe. Brilliant show, everyone should definitely get tickets to go see him!
Craig Young
Brilliant show. One of our highlights of the year!!
Kris Suttie
Oh my days... just seen @aaron_calvert Show #Declassified at @Gildedballoon totally AMAZEBALLS! Totally worth a watch folks, go and see it..
Mark Thompson
Blown away 2nd time around this week. How does Aaron Calvert do it? My husband who was skeptical is now recommending the show at work! My 13 year old says it's the most amazing show at the edfringe by far and we've been to lots. Don't miss out, go watch Aaron Calvert Declassified!!
Just seen Aaron Calvert at Edinburgh and I'm blown away! Aaron hypnotised the audience and we were all left speechless! How does he do it!?
Ian Cole
Honestly couldn’t recommend this show enough! A genuinely excellent talent with real knowledge. No gimmicks, or bullshit, just pure, spectacular wonderment! If you see 1 show- see this!!
Sophie Dunlop
Great show! You definitely have to go to see it... especially for the "balloon" final 🙂
Aaron Calvert Declassified is a must see show if you love hypnotists! Go check him out!
Mark T
Just been hypnotised on stage by Aaron Calvert. He is incredible, would highly recommend!
Maisie Gray
Your show was absolutely incredible last night! It deserves all the great reviews!!! Such a talent and lovely to meet you after the show.
Katy Smith
Guess who got pulled on stage on their day off to be hypnotised...?? Yep, me. Seriously fringe friends go and see Aaron Calvert! 5 stars from me!
Sarah Iles
Great time at Aaron Calvert's show. Nicely done and he even hypnotised my son!
Kevin Mack
Wow, what a show!! Very impressive and would highly recommend to anyone looking for an edfringe show to watch!
Laura Merrick @laura_dessie
Oh my god if you only get a chance to watch one show you have to go see Aaron Calvert. Amazing guy!!
Aysha @ABaboos
Just been hypnotised by Aaron Calvert and I physically couldn't bend my knees! HOW!?? Amazing.
Lauren Davenport
We loved Aaron's show. Been 3 years in a row and every year just gets better. Can't wait to see him again next year at #edfringe
Sophie Doberdor
Saw Aaron’s show in Edinburgh yesterday. Get yourself along!! A great showman and throughly nice bloke. If you were too young to remember Derren Brown’s rise to fame then you will get your chance by following this guy!
Steve Worseley
Definitely made my first trip to Scotland a memorable one! Being on stage in Declassified was amazing... still can't believe it!
Ellie @Aperson0111
Don't miss this show, truly entertaining! Buy your ticket now!
Alison Stewart
Love Decalssified! A really talented hypnotist.
Vicky Gumley
Declassified with Aaron Calvert was a fantastic show! He hypnotised me in the show and now I'm walking around Edinburgh with a serious grin on my face. Absolutely recommended!!
Chris Smith @chrisg_smith
Absolutely AWESOME show tonight @edfringe. Very professional & talented hypnotist. If you only go to one show in Edinburgh this month, choose @aaron_calvert, Declassified. Am coming back with my family.
Jules @JulesAntonio05
First ever visit to edfringe... Aaron Calvert's show is fantastic! We were all in awe!
Paul Stocks
An incredible show! Went into the show a total skeptic but after seeing Aaron hypnotise my sister I was truly amazed. 11/10! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
Lisa Campbell
Great show from Aaron Calvert. 100% recommend.
Elliot higham
Thought the show was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed it! Took part in the show and still have my souvenir on display. How!?
Great hypnotist, great performer.
Michael O'Shea
Was put in a trance / hypnotic state by Aaron Calvert. A very surreal experience, go see his show!!
G @stupidpucker
Aaron Calvert, such a nice guy and a great show. Recommended!
Excellent show. We were at this show and WOW amazing. I was one of the many in the audience put to sleep standing and I can only explain it as a totally mind blowing experience. A show not to be missed!
Farhana Timol
You'll be glad that you went... an excellent show.
Bryan Gill
Excellent magic/hypnosis/mentalism show from @aaron_calvert at Edinburgh Fringe. Definitely visit if you're in Edinburgh!!
James @tennispilot
Great show, would highly recommend!
Cherie Guthrie
As a bit of a skeptic I wasn't sure what to expect but what a show! It blew my mind. Go watch it!


Written by Aaron Calvert & Sam Fitton

Directed by Sam Fitton

In association with Lost Luggage Productions & Triple A Media