Reading minds at Bibliotheca

Right in the middle of the work Christmas Party season I was invited to perform and the read minds of the lovely employees of Bibliotheca, a high-tech library solutions company based in Stockport.

The venue was the rather wonderful Bredbury Hall in Greater Manchester. With over a 100 guests in attendance they had a whole suite to themselves for the event. The crowd were a lively bunch, clearly in the mood for a great night, to carry on into the early hours. I performed my close-up mind reading and hypnosis over the 2 hour reception and dining periods, to many a cheer, gasp and even a standing ovation from one table. It’s always great fun as a performer to experience those kinds of responses from a crowd.


“Aaron had everyone transfixed. Already thinking which event we can book him for next”


Of course introducing oneself as a mind reader and hypnotist elicits the classic “cover my eyes and don’t look at me” response in the nicest and most playful manner, everyone was won over by the fact I didn’t reveal their deepest and darkest secrets…just because I didn’t reveal them, doesn’t mean I don’t know them…

manchester corporate entertainment for Bibliotheca mind reader style

The event was a wonderful success and was even invited to stay a little and try out some of my dance moves on the dance floor. Think my skills definitely remain in the mind reading category. The night was ended with a discussion about my lack of pocket watch as a hypnotist, but they probably won’t remember that conversation.

What’s new?

Aaron’s show MIND GAMES is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2016, you can read the show’s reviews to find out more information. If you’re looking to book Aaron for stage entertainment why not head over and look through his corporate and theatre work. Or just read a little more about Aaron Calvert if you have the time.

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