Reading minds at Astrazeneca

On a cold frosty evening of January 2016 I was invited along to entertain employees and retirees of AstraZeneca, a big employer in the Macclesfield and Prestbury area, with my mind reading and hypnotic skills.

The ClubAZ annual meal was held in a quaint little restaurant in the Prestbury Village, about 40 minutes outside of Manchester, The Bacchus Restaurant. They also have a sister restaurant in Alrtincham, a little closer for Manchester visitors.

“Aaron is a very talented young man and made our evening extra special.  I would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants their event to have that ‘magical’ touch.”

ClubAZ Ltd., AstraZeneca

I was a surprise for the guests dining this evening and they were lovely and warming as I made my way around their tables as they were seated for their evening meal. With many a gasp and cheer from those I was performing for many of the tables couldn’t help but look over in excited anticipation of what I had in store.

The Bacchus entertainment by a mind reader and magician

It’s always interesting performing as a mind reader or hypnotist for a scientific crowd as there are always a lot of skeptics to the type of psychology and suggestion I use in performance. However, I shared a lot of common ground with many of the guests as I formerly trained and graduated as a doctor of medicine. This, as well as the demonstrations, lead to some interesting discussions about ‘how I do what I do’ and also a few debates regarding the current climate of the medical contracts and strikes.

After a lovely evening performing close-up for all the guests, a few mentioned I should also work in the NHS as a GP to speed up service as I could diagnose patients with my mind reading before they’d even said their symptoms, much to my amusement. You never know what the future holds.

What’s new?

Aaron’s show MIND GAMES is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2016, you can read the show’s reviews to find out more information. If you’re looking to book Aaron for stage entertainment why not head over and look through his corporate and theatre work.

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