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Edinburgh Evening News Article  – The Power of Positive Thinking

You will read this article… You will read this article…

The power of positive thinking is not a new concept just recently popularised by books like The Secret. But is there any truth to what positive thinking has to offer? Can it lead you to happiness, health and success?

As a doctor, hypnotist and mind reader, the theme of positive thinking runs throughout my performances and shares foundations with hypnosis. During my shows I hypnotise audiences to perform incredible feats such as giving them superhuman strength. The hypnotic state of relaxation they experience is equivalent to spending a week in an exclusive spa, helping alleviate stress, one of the goals of positive thinking.

Excessive stress is known to affect mental health and even affects physiology, raising blood pressure and impeding the immune system. Clinical research has gained recognition showing that practising positive thinking decreases stress thus leading to mental and physical well-being.

In my show Awaken I select hypnotised volunteers to perform feats they never would have thought possible. By removing their ‘cannot’ attitude it sees them achieve these impossible tasks, demonstrating positive thinking has a real impact. These visual demonstrations are extremely entertaining and astonishing for audiences whilst giving volunteers a lasting positive effect that can be quite dramatic.

So why do positive thinkers see ‘better results’? Everyone experiences problems and setbacks but with a positive outlook you are more likely to remain optimistic, persisting with a goal for longer and seeing it achieved. Many small achievements can lead to a life changing result and this feeds back into a positive outlook. The changes don’t have to be big, starting by taking the time to smile can go a long way.

Positive thinking does have the power to help you lead a better life. It’s not going to get you a Ferrari just by wishing for it, but it can improve your health and lifestyle. We are all capable of benefiting from the power of positive thinking, I wanted you to read this article and if you got this far, you did…

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Written by Aaron Calvert & Sam Fitton

Directed by Sam Fitton

In association with Lost Luggage Productions & Triple A Media