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“Mind Games is a refreshing and quirky alternative which will leave you baffled”

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During our Fringe visit, we were eager to explore different genres of entertainment outside the more typical comedy and theatre remit. Mind reader and hypnotist Aaron Calvert was one of the acts performing at La Belle Angele in his Fringe debut.

Having trained as a doctor, Manchester-born Aaron quit medicine to showcase his skills on a rather different stage. The audience featured a mix of believers and sceptics and Aaron certainly won over the crowd with his amazing skills. A range of participants brought up on stage were left lost for words as Aaron managed to extract complicated thoughts and words from their thoughts.

The hypnotism was particularly hilarious as audience members lost the ability to read or say their own name. Aaron is a great showman and very talented. His show is a refreshing and quirky alternative which will leave you baffled by what you’ve just seen.

Without a doubt the best show at the fringe!!
"An insightful and mesmerising show! Aaron is charismatic and has the audience hooked from the start. Highly recommended for an alternative night out/special event entertainment, still trying to figure it all out now!!"
Harriet Russell
"Love Aaron's show. My friend and I have not stopped going on about it! Everyone needs to go see Aaron!"
Joanne Lewis
"Great show. Watched it during the fringe. Absolutely something to go to"
Rick Honders
"Mind blown!"
Kelvin Harding
"Fantastic show. Amazing and entertaining - would highly recommend"
Yvonne Gibbons
"Amazing show had us guessing how it was done. Definitely recommend going to see him."
Tina Fountain
"Top class entertainment, fun, innovative and exciting show featuring hypnosis and mentalism. Aaron is a great showman."
Angela Milburn
"Messed with my mind and converted me to be a magic fan!! A must see!!"
Kate Flora
"Aaron's show is highly entertaining and executed brilliantly, a great guy with a great sense of humour, would highly recommend others to go see one of his shows and I myself will definitely be going to see him again!!"
Jordache Leigh-Hamilton
"Just came out of your last show in Edinburgh fringe It was an amazing show.. incredible what I have witnessed..really love it ..I definitely love to see your show again ..cheers ..!!"
Jaliya Mihiranga Perera
"Amazing hypnotist! He is funny, charismatic and very clever, we were blown away! This man was born to perform and be on the stage. I would recommend him to anyone and I will hopefully get the chance to see him again!"
Amy Thomas
"Great fun show brill entertainer hooked on every word some clever mind games that I cannot work out how he did! I would recommend to all. Can't wait to see more shows from this man. Well done Aaron and team."
Katy Hallows
"Literally just got out of Aaron's show. I can't even explain how incredible it was - I'm absolutely baffled at how he did his mind reading. Definitely recommend his show. So patient towards the audience and such a lovely man, both personality wise and to look at. Best show I've seen in the whole festival!"
Aimeé Parker
"Great show by @aaron_calvert. He is a mind reader. Just hope didn't read all what was on my mind!!!!"
Hussam @Proudlibyandoc
"A great evening with @aaron_calvert, a very talented guy! Great show."
Jaime Ellis‏ @JaimeEEllis3
"Loved @aaron_calvert #AWAKEN show. Been at #EdinburghFringe all week and it's by far the best show I've seen"
Andrew Pym‏ @andpym
"Glad we got into @aaron_calvert's packed #AWAKEN show. Won't say much, spoilers. But if you're at #edinburghfringe you should go. Amazing!"
Jay Stone‏ @JS_tone
"Awaken by @aaron_calvert was outstanding. A mind blowing show! #edfringe #magic #Magician"
Philip Hitchcock‏ @HitchcockPhilip
"Absolutely incredible. Your shows just get better! Thanks for an unforgettable experience!!"
Mim Patel‏ @MimP1
"@aaron_calvert Awaken was amazing, fave thing at the #fringe2017 so far"
Penelope‏ @PennyMadeleine
"14/10 would recommend @aaron_calvert at @edfringe. Hypnotised and had the best sleep"
Ciarán Russell‏ @KeeKeeRiQui
"@aaron_calvert's Awaken was utterly spellbinding. Another #edfringe highlight"
Wrecked‏ @WreckedEdFringe
"@aaron_calvert great to see your show. Was mesmerising from start to finish."
Scott Fretwell‏ @ScottFretwell2
"#pickofthefringe @aaron_calvert If you like @DerrenBrown you'll love this show! Amazing magic and hypnotism with a feel good message"
Jay Ster‏ @Phreakyh
"@aaron_calvert amazing show today! What an incredible experience!"
Susan Louise Nockall‏ @SueNockall
"Such an amazing show!! Still mind blown!! 🙂 #edfringe #awaken #aaroncalvert"
Alexis Nelson‏ @LexCanDraw
"We checked out @aaron_calvert yesterday! Jamie said it was amazing, and he loved the part where Hannah got hypnotised. Well worth a watch."
CommunismTheMusical‏ @CTMoffshoots
"I've seen Aaron 2 years in a row @EdFringe absolutely amazing! Always amazes me how he manages to do the things he can! My favourite show of #edfringe"
Jody Emma Baxter
"What an incredible show!"
Victor Cole‏ @VCMentalism
"Defo recommend Aaron Calvert - you're in for a treat with this guy..."
Jo Cattini‏ @joc1008
"Aaron Calvert was class at north Leeds food festival would love to go watch him again!"
Adam Mallinson‏ @Adam_Mallinson
Amazing and clever show. Very entertaining and surprising. He knows how to speak to people to keep the attention, and his mind reading and hypnosis abilities are stunning. Great experience!
"Amazing show, a must see!"
Maria Gregory
"Exactly what it says in the tin, very slick and very clever. Aaron is easy to watch and he makes everyone feel involved. Make sure you catch his shows."
Euan Macdonald Mason
"@rickstertricker Great show @aaron_calvert ,absolutely fantastic , great hypnosis & great #mindgames #welldone"
ricky locke ‏@rickstertricker
"Me and @rachelerskine left this show amazed! This is definitely worth a watch!! @aaron_calvert #mindgames #EdinburghFringe @edfringe"
Rebecca Erskine ‏@beckyerskine92
"Team Tyrannosaurus Sketch were blown away by @aaron_calvert! Unbelievable hypnotism and mind reading wrapped up in one show! #edfringe"
NNT in Edinburgh ‏@NNTEdinburgh
"If you're @edfringe put aside your misapprehensions about hypnosis, go see @aaron_calvert. Great guy on and off stage #edfringe #hypnosis"
Rob ‏@Robertibus
"Had a fantastic time watching @aaron_calvert . Really fantastic although I have only just remembered my name. #fringe2016"
Lucy Owen ‏@lucyowen95
"@aaron_calvert at the #fringe is incredible! Best act I've seen so far"
Tedi Wilson ‏@tediwilson
"@aaron_calvert absolutely bloody awesome. Freaked out when I realised I was actually under #softarse"
Lisa Bower ‏@LKpreztoday
"Just jumped into a random show at #edfringe.Turned out to be @aaron_calvert. Honestly amazed...just like Derren Brown.... But Hotter"
Ellie Close ‏@MissEllieClose
"Hypnosis and psychology show with @aaron_calvert today was AMAZING! We were shocked and amazed #marmite"
Gabriella Margulies ‏@GabiMargulies
"@aaron_calvert I was skeptical but Mind Games was brilliant - don't miss out #Sunflower #edfringe"
Jessica Pardoe ‏@JessicaKPardoe
"@aaron_calvert @aaron_calvert great show, top entertainment at #edfringe2016 #edfringe"
James ‏@jpodonoghue
"If you're looking for great magic, funny jokes and hot guys in suits, check out @aaron_calvert and/or @pauldabek at the #edfringe2016"
Lily Penfold ‏@Penfold42
"@aaron_calvert Great show! As a sceptic I can say that it was well worth seeing!! #EdinburghFringe"
Charlotte Botfield ‏@LottieBottie
"At the Edinburgh fringe, this guy is awesome. Aaron is just one of the many talented people we have seen this week. Fab. Keep up the good work. You're good enough to be a house hold name"
Tina Pink
"Have never seen anything like it! Amazing!"
Laura Coley
"Had an unbelievable experience being chosen to participate in this wonderful, impressive and mind-blowing performance. I had a brilliant time being on the stage subject to Aaron's mind games. How he does it I have no idea. This show is certainly worth seeing!!"
Lottie Watts
"The show was absolutely amazing! He was great with the crowd and he's tricks were unique. I got hypnotised on stage, which was a truly unique experience. Would definitely see it again soon."
Nim Haver
"Went to see @aaron_calvert for second time. Can't stop thinking he looks like Phoenix Wright. But hotter."
Serendipity (@S3rendipity)
"@aaron_calvert fantastic show we applaud you. @edfringe"
Joanne Gowers (@JOG72)
"@aaron_calvert Blown away by your show at Edinburgh Fringe! Think you'd have been a pretty good doctor too!!!"
Angharad Eynon (@angharad_eynon)
"Final show at the Fringe - amazing mind reading from the brilliant @aaron_calvert - great way to finish!"
"@aaron_calvert I loved your show we went with @StirlingCarers and it was a mind-blowing experience I'll definitely be back to see you again"
Alistair Connelly (@Alic2025)
"Went to see the mind games show and all I can say [is] it was amazing how @aaron_calvert was"
Myles Stretton (@StrettonMyles)
"@aaron_calvert Great show! Tbh, still skeptical about hypnosis but the mind-reading was awesome! Go see if you're @edfringe!"
Georgina Littlejohn (@missgeorgieanne)
"Really enjoyed @aaron_calvert mind reading show. Fascinating! #edfringe #fringe #edinburgh"
MemoirsofA Metro Girl (@MemoirsofAMetro)
"@aaron_calvert guys this guy is actually AMAZING. he was so great"
Mawia (@MarriathePotato)
"Saw your show on Saturday, very impressed! Must see at the #edfringe"
Ash McDougall (@ashmcd34)
"What an unbelievable show! @aaron_calvert"
Andrew Micallef (@andymic01)
"@aaron_calvert finally made me believe in hypnosis! #EdinburghFringe"
Rachel (@rakelbakel)
"Seen Aaron at the festival on Saturday. Brilliant show, was speechless by what he could do! Definitely go see him and queue early x"
Jillian Cheape
"Terrific show, wonderfully performed. Aaron is captivating, believable and an expert at his craft - no idea how he does what he does but the entire audience were gasping at his brilliance. The hour went way too quickly. Perhaps Aaron used his mind skills to move the hands on the clock?! Thoroughly recommend."
Joyce & Derek
"Turns out my mind is putty in this man's hands. Great show @aaron_calvert #edfringe #mindgames"
Danielle Robinson (‏@danni_robinson)
"I highly recommend @aaron_calvert's #freefringe @MindGamesShow @edfringe at 13:30. And what a gentleman, too!"
Adrian King (@DrinkAgain)
"@aaron_calvert spine-tingling show today @edfringe #tweetthefringe #hypnotic #mindgames"
Amy Smale (@youvebeensmaled)
"Excellent show @aaron_calvert - are you actually a wizard!? #edfringe"
Laura Graham (@combers)
"Highly recommend seeing @aaron_calvert at Edinburgh fringe. Really great show!! #edfringe2016"
Caitlin Fox (@Caitlin_Dunne)
"Ended up on the stage of a hypnosis gig at Edinburgh Fringe. Legitimately lost the ability to read or walk. Mind is blown @aaron_calvert"
Laura Jane (FunkyFlamingo_)
"@aaron_calvert literally blew my mind go see him! #mindgames #noideahowhedidit #EdinburghFringe #fringefrenzy #mindreader #hypnosis"
Rhonwen Parsons
"Absolutely loved this show, ended any uncertainty I had about hypnosis and was so much fun! The only way to be sure is to see for yourself!"
Neill Wilson
"Just been hypnotised by @aaron_calvert at Mind Games, absolutely incredible experience and amazing show - get yourself along!"
Caryn McWhirter
"If you're at the @edfringe do yourself a favour and check out @aaron_calvert Mind Games and be prepared to be amazed! Absolutely awesome"
Emma Stoyel
"Amazing show! One of the best shows I have seen at the fringe - would definitely recommend."
Laura Shaw
"Just attended one of Aaron's shows at the Edinburgh fringe. Really enjoyed the show. No idea how he does what he does but, WOW! He also brings a touch of humour to his shows as well. Thanks Aaron"
Lee M Mellem
"Just saw @aaron_calvert at the Fringe and his show was phenomenal, my first time seeing a hypnotist show and it was fab! #fun #mindgames"
Holly Ann Roxburgh (@Hollalways_)
"On the train home and I can't stop thinking about those words! Fabulous part of my EdFringe! Thank you for the experience!"
Becky Bell
"Just been to see @aaron_calvert Mind Games- so impressive, cannot believe it was PBH! Really enjoyable hour with hypno and mind reading"
Emily Cairns (@CairnsEmily)
"Just seen Aaron as part of Edinburgh free fringe, pay what you think show was worth.. Loads of fun. Still not a hypnosis fan but his mind reading and general patter were excellent. We all really enjoyed it!"
Carol-Anne Wilkinson
"Very professional show! You never know what to expect with the Free Fringe but Aaron's show was definitely worthy of payment! Look out Derren Brown!"
Karen Wilkinson
"Watched this show today at The Fringe ~ very talented guy, even my 14 year old who is hard to impress enjoyed! Best show we've seen today. Go support Aaron"
Tracy Dalziel
"Loved the show today me and my friend have not stopped going on about it! Everyone needs to go see Aaron! Not every day you can say you've had your mind read!.. Thanks for the memorable experience! "
Joanne Lewis
"@aaron_calvert Still blown away by the show. Will definitely recommend! @edfringe"
Diana Skof (@Disk1694)
"Best free show we've seen at the Edinburgh Fringe! We will recommend to everyone #edfringe2016"
Lola Muth (@LolaMuth)
"Worked with Dynamo, seen Derren Brown & now also mega impressed & got to participate! @aaron_calvert MUST SEE AMAZING SHOW!!!! #edfringe"
Collette (@dust2diamonds)
"@aaron_calvert AMAZING SHOW #EdinburghFringe GO GO GO"
"Absolutely loved your show today!! Will definitely recommend!"
"Went to his show at the Fringe earlier on today and it was superb! He was hilarious and well gifted, I was even hypnotised on stage! All round, a spectacular performance! Free to watch, but well worth a donation!"
Michelle Blyth
"Pbh free fringe show - went with my 12 year old son - BRILLIANT - first time ever I've given £20 in the bucket for the 2 of us - Aaron was cool to stand for a photo with my boy at end too"
Simon Rankin
"Words can't explain what I've just seen I'm still sat here wondering how the bloody hell he did it the first time in my life I'm speechless. Loved every minute of it would most definitely go again just mind blowing wow"
Jessica Lynn Butterowrth
"I must confess I'm not a fan of hypnosis shows but as these things go, this is probably one of the best. Aaron is competent and slick (though perhaps lacking a bit of humour) and keep his audience on the edge of their seats. Great illusions and nice to see people not treated as dumbies when under hypnosis. Liked his respect of what he was doing."
Carol Brackenridge
"A great show. Don't miss this talented performer and his amazing show."
Martin B




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Written by Aaron Calvert & Sam Fitton

Directed by Sam Fitton