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Hypnotist Takes On Mannequin Challenge

With the 2016 sensation of “staying really still” taking the world by storm, thousands of variations of the mannequin challenge sprung onto social media. Much like the ice bucket challenge, videos of people acting like mannequins, taking part in the challenge filled my news feed. Even celebrities like Michelle Obama and LeBron James joined in with the web sensation.

Originating in American high schools (I know kids will do anything to get out of class) the Mannequin Challenge craze spread across the world. People have got incredibly creative freezing mid gym work outs, pausing on ski slopes and even an entire concert playing mannequin.

I decided to head out in to the streets of Nottingham and take on the mannequin challenge in my own way… making an unsuspecting shopper into a human statue as the world continued on around her. Using hypnosis I stuck both of her feet to the floor and froze the rest of her body too.

Here’s the mannequin challenge, hypnotist style…

Obviously we couldn’t leave here stuck their all day, so we let her get back to her day, a little confused by what had happened.

You can find some of the best mannequin challenges online at the Telegraph’s website and one my personal favourites here – mid lift, mid stretch, mid exercise really well done and probably one of the more infamous videos of the challenge. Certainly the one that introduced me to the concept anyway.

Even NASA have give it a shot, taking on the challenge in the International Space Station claiming their’s is out of this world, quite literally! Watch the video here: – I guess they must have a lot of time on their hands up there!

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