Nottingham University’s Freshers Week

For the last few years I have performed my mind reading and hypnosis show CONNECTED as part of the Fresher’s Week program at the University of Nottingham. This year the Fresher’s week underwent a rebrand and became the University of Nottingham Welcome Week. Essentially the same thing with more input from the University instead of just the student’s union, curtesy of a misunderstanding in the national press…scandal alert. Oops Nottingham, though blown way out of proportion.

Anyway moving swiftly on… I was the headline act for the Saturday night events of the first week of students coming to the university. It’s always great fun performing for a crowd during fresher’s week there are always such a mix of people around, from the interested to the inquisitive, from the sceptical to the psychology student and from the enthusiastic to the hung over.

“What a showman, really just incredible!”

The University of Nottingham

CONNECTED is the mind reading and hypnosis show I’ve been performing for over 5 years. The first time I performed CONNECTED was during my student days at Nottingham, so being on ‘home’ turf as it were, it was a great pleasure to perform it, though it has now progressed from the show it was nearly 6 years ago.

This year there was a significant venue change to the Keighton Auditorium on the main campus, holding over 400 people. Here is a sneaky selfie as the crowd were filling up the theatre.

nottingham freshers week theatre filling up

As always the show was great fun to perform with lots of enthusiastic volunteers to have their minds read and to be hypnotised. Everyone left mesmerised with the various demonstrations and experiments they had seen and asked when I would be on in the near future. With my Edinburgh Fringe Festival show Decisions previewing soon many tickets were instantly snapped up.

To finish the weekend off I headed out to support all those brave soles running the Nottingham marathon, didn’t take a mind reader to work out which of them weren’t quite enjoying themselves.

freshers week with marathon runners in Nottingham