Aaron launches production company


With the events industry paused Aaron has taken his talents in video production, marketing and media to the public. Formely producing the TV and socials content for his own channels and select clients he’s opening his production experience to companies and individuals.

Meet PRESCRIPTION MEDIA – see what he did there being a doctor and all…

The Secret to staying sane in the COVID world – Challenge yourself

by Aaron Calvert

Right now we are in uncharted territory, even 25 weeks into lockdown each week is still bringing new challenges and changes on an individual and business level.

Over the past few months I’ve been supporting individuals and company employees with managing stress, mental health, working from home and now the return to work with Prescription Hypnosis. I’ve seen enquiries for stress and anxiety hypnotherapy rise drastically since the start of lockdown and it’s been incredibly rewarding to be able to help so many people. Early in lockdown I shared a series of 8 videos full of stress busting tips to help people get on top of their sanity…


The tools and techniques I use with clients and teach to companies I use myself and its kept me stress free and relaxed most of lockdown, which was no easy task as I returned from my honeymoon on March 23rd to lockdown and over night 50% of my business shutdown indefinitely.

The entertainment side of the business, showcasing astounding mind reading and extraordinary feats of hypnosis, saw mass postponement with event bookings being pushed to 2021 and tour dates cancelled. With wedding entertainment still restricted, live performances on hold and events indefinitely postponed, there is no return in sight for the stage for the immediate future. This left me with a couple of conundrums.

As a performer I thrive on being busy and being creative and as a parent I have a financial obligation to my family. Lockdown, family life and Prescription Hypnosis have definitely taken care of the busy part and even the creative part to an extent in delivering hypnotherapy and training in new ways. But, still 50% of my annual income had vanished overnight and I felt creativity stifled as someone who is used to being in a different city each weekend I didn’t feel the level of busy that spurs me on to be my best.

The secret I found to overcome all of that and keep my own sanity was to challenge myself mentally.


hypnosis on the streets from prescription hypnosis produced by prescription media production company
Aaron Calvert hypnosis on a plane with production company prescription media

Over the years I have produced content for my own business, Vice Media and Channel 4, I’ve built countless websites for myself and other companies and even have an incredibly varied marketing background, but when delivering this for clients that directly involve the Aaron Calvert brand there’s something wonderfully familiar about it. However, for the first time I’ve been able to offer out my skills in video, production, photography and web design, tied together with a marketing plan to a much wider audience and it has felt wonderfully liberating to be challenged in ways like never before. Delivering content and results for companies that are in arenas outside the entertainment industry has been great.

Recently I produced an ad / commercial for Elizabeth Grace Hair, a hairdressers in Whaley Lancashire, to celebrate their reopening post lockdown. You can see the video and post-lockdown hair style transformation on their website – Elizabeth Grace Hair knows what you did last lockdown…

Secondly I’ve just finished producing a rollercoaster of an emotional about video for an insurance company based in Lancashire.

Lastly I’ve taken to live-streaming events including matches from Clitheroe Football Club and weddings.

These are just a few of the projects I’m involved with at the moment (having some extra time on my hands in lockdown has definitely helped broaden those horizons.)


The same skills I’ve learnt in order to build my businesses are now being utilised to help others grow theirs and the same techniques I teach in hypnotherapy in looking after your mental health are something I strongly believe in doing myself. It’s so easy to get bogged down with the reality of COVID-19 but if we continuously push ourselves to look at the skills we have and challenge ourselves in new ways not only will it help with our mental health but hopefully with our job security too. I’m really excited to see where the future of Prescription Media goes… Content as prescribed.

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